Monday the 6th of July

Monday the 29th of June


Another Week of Fun Learning

Phonics This week the children have been learning the sound and action for 2 more letters. t – Turn your head from side to side as if watching tennis and…


Sensory Processing Course

Below is a link to a, initially free, sensory processing course (online) that may be of interest. The introduction is free and 1 hour long. Best wishes, Miss Reece



Please find attached a range of resources which may be useful. It includes: school nurse information to support ASD, well-being activities, useful home learning resources and more. Best wishes, Miss…

Monday the 22nd of June


Our Focus Sessions

This week Miss Clouting returned to the Nursery. It was lovely to see her again. The children made her a banner to welcome her back. Our Focus Sessions Each day…


Maths skills

Here are a few Maths skills to practise. You can count and recognise numbers anywhere, doing anything! There are lots of opportunities in daily life e.g when cooking, using remote…


Sounds, digraphs, trigraphs and Tricky words

You can continue to work on the following sounds, digraphs and trigraphs. You could use Espresso Phonics to learn the newer ones. Play simple games to practise reading them in…



Some of you have asked about thing to work on at home so we are going to post a few blogs on things to practice. A ‘little and often’ approach…


Online Support Courses

I have been sent some information about free, online, course that may be of interest to you. Please see the link below. Best wishes, Miss Reece


Google Classroom – First Day!

Well done for everyone who managed to log in to Google Classroom yesterday and complete a task. I am so impressed by your perseverance with learning this new tool and…

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