Monday the 2nd of November


Things to think about over half-term

Well done for all your hard work last half-term, year 2. You should be really proud of all you have achieved over the last 7 weeks. I have especially enjoyed…

Monday the 26th of October


Creative Homework

3F . . . I have been so impressed with the responsibility you have shown towards your creative homework this half term. You have completed some excellent pieces and used…


Happy Halloween!

We’ve been getting creative in year one with some Halloween crafts!. In 1C, we made our own spooky spiderweb decorations. Whereas in 1M, we have recreated an image from ‘The…



We have been using our imagination this week to create things to use in our play from found objects. Here are some examples: Boxes make good beds for dolls and…


Reading books

After the last post about reading at school, some of you have asked about reading books going home. We will begin to send reading materials and sound boxes home during…


Reading stories

We always have a story time and we are enjoying looking at all sorts of books in our Independent Learning: stories, information books, annuals, Where’s Wally, magazines etc. We have…


Talking about Halloween

We are excited about Halloween! As we follow a flexible curriculum which allows us to follow children’s interests, today at Snack we talked about Halloween. One of the children had…



Today we made a front cover for the story we have been writing. We used the original cover to give us ideas before adding our own images to match our…

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