Monday the 6th of June

Monday the 30th of May


Jubilee Week

What an amazing week it has been in Year 1. On Monday, Red, White and Blue Day, the children painted some of the Platinum Jubilee Bus mural which is now…


Jubilee Church Service

This morning, the whole school walked to St Mary’s Church to attend a service celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We listened to Mr Walsh’s detailed talk on the life of…


Using Conjunctions

Year 1 have been learning to use the conjunctions and, but, so and because to join sentences together. Co-operating in small groups, the children read some sentences and used a…


Easter Services

This morning, we walked to Church for our Easter Services, some of us through the snow! The children sang beautifully, remembering the actions too. The Year 6 children read the…


Easter Gardens

Yesterday afternoon, Year 1 had a visitor who shared with them the Easter Story in a Godly Play format. The children listened beautifully and they answered the questions very clearly…

Monday the 28th of March


The Gruffalo

In preparation for our Gruffalo Trail trip, Year 1 have been looking at the story of the Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. The children learnt to draw the Gruffalo step by…

Monday the 21st of March


Book Week

We had a flying start to Book Week with a focus on Zog by Julia Donaldson. The children have enjoyed a range of activities including learning about rhyming words using…

Monday the 14th of February


Wear Your Scarf To School Day

In Year 1, we started preparing for ‘Wear Your Scarf To School Day’ on Monday. Each day we looked at a letter from SCARF and what it stands for. SCARF…

Monday the 7th of February


Sewing Puppets

Over the last two weeks, Year 1 have been busy sewing puppets. They had to be resilient and persevere to complete this task. Here are some photos of the children…


Over, Under and Through

Recently, Year 1 have been exploring the new gymnastic equipment which Mr Walsh spoke about in the newsletter. The children absolutely loved it. They said it was AMAZING! Here are…

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