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Charity cafe.

We had a lovely time preparing the cakes for our class contribution to the charity ‘pop up’ cafe.  Then, we had an even better time eating them!        


Safety week.

This week we have been taking part in different activities to help us learn about keeping ourselves safe. The topics we covered were: Water safety The emergency services Gaming and…


Year 3 cricket.

This week, we made the most of the sunshine before the rain and took to the AstroTurf for some work on our batting and fielding skills.  Meanwhile, in the classroom…


The magnetic poles.

After having found out about the poles of the earth in geography Year 3 have been investigating how magnetic poles attract and repel each other.  We made predictions and tested…


Sinking and floating in science.

Year 3 have been investigating which objects sink or float and why this might be? We made scientific predictions and talked about how shape, weight, size and the type of…


On your marks, get set, go!

Our class photographer Evan kept himself  busy on sportsday by taking full responsibilty for all the ‘media coverage’ and what a fantastic job he did.   As the school term races…

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