Bishop Stephen’s Visit

We were delighted to welcome the Bishop of Chelmsford,  Bishop Stephen, to school.  This was the Bishop’s second visit to school.  He took the whole school Assembly and spoke about Jim.  A man who had nothing, just the clothes he stood up in, he slept on the street carrying just one plastic bag with him.  Every day at 12 noon Jim stopped walking, sat down and took out a cross from his pocket. He then had a chat to God.  He said, “hello God, Jim here” then he spoke to God as we would to a friend.  He told God of his troubles, he talked to him about who he had met, he thanked God for what he had.  When he was sleeping out one night when he was ill, a policeman took him to hospital where he was cared for until he was better.

Jim had no visitors to hospital and no one seemed to know him yet he remained cheerful and happy. They asked how he was so happy when he seemed to have nothing, Jim took out his cross, and explained how he had his daily talks to God and that God was his friend and that was why he was happy.

The Bishop then had coffee and delicious cakes made in our school kitchen (thank you Maxine and your team!) and chatted to the School Council who asked lots of questions about what it was like being a Bishop.

The School Council then gave the Bishop a tour of the school.  We all enjoyed his visit and are grateful for  his interest in our school.