Year 6 Make Do and Mend Learning

Once again the Church Outreach Group went into school to teach Year 6 to knit.  Part of their WW2 Make Do and Mend learning,  As ever, we were amazed at the enthusiasm and concentration.  It isn’t an easy thing to learn in quite a short time.  They knit a square that we help them make into a rabbit.


I am always a bit anxious that the boys might think it a bit “girly” although in all the years we have done this, no boys have moaned!  Well, not to me anyway…I showed them photos of the male Finnish Coach at the recent winter Olympic Games, knitting to relieve stress when their team were competing.  We also spoke today,  about the latest research about how knitting is a stress reliever, lowers blood pressure etc, should be available on the NHS, one of the children rightly pointed out to me, that would only be the case when they actually could knit….at the moment, he said, it is very stressful!