Year 6 WW1 Centenary Helmets

Year 6, helped by Mrs Clitheroe, have made WW1 Helmets, one for each man from Kelvedon killed in WW1,  who has his name on the War Memorial.  This is part of the WW1 Centenary.

The helmets are now in church.  Casually left on window sills, benches, all around, as if their owners have left them there and have just gone out, but will be back.  Sadly none of those men did come back to Kelvedon.

Some helmets will be in the URC church and RC church as a memorial to their soldiers.


Year 6 have painted the men’s names on the helmets.  Take a look if you are passing church, it is always open in daylight hours,  hopefully you will feel that these helmets are a poingnant remedied of the men who died.

With very many thanks to Year 6 and Mrs Clitheroe for this tremendous effort, it will be very much appreciated,particularly on Remembrance Sunday.