Making Christingles

Today in Year 3 (and Year 2) we made Christingles and had a Christingle Service.

First of all, we watched a lovely video by Mrs Openshaw and Mrs Kennedy from St Mary’s Church which explained how to make a Christingle and what each part of the Christingle symbolises.

Next, we each made our own Christingle.

Then, both Year 3 classes joined together to watch a video of the Christingle Service recorded by Father Simon and Mrs Kennedy, during which we lit our Christingles.

Thank you Mrs Openshaw, Mrs Kennedy and Father Simon for the time and effort you put into recording your videos.

Parents and Carers, as the candles and red ribbon were provided by ‘The Children’s Society’, if the children could bring in a small amount of change to go to this charity that would be wonderful.

Year 3 Team