My Trip to Everest Base Camp


During the Easter break I trekked for 12 days in the Himalayas to Everest Base Camp.

The scenery was breathtaking – and the toilets took your breath away too!

It was a tough trek, due to the altitude. Base Camp sits at 5,364 meters (17,600 ft) above sea level – Ben Nevis is only 1,345 meters. The lack of oxygen made every step an effort (like walking with lead boots on) and gave everyone headaches. Walking for 9 hours a day sapped our energy.

Now I am back home I can reflect on my great adventure and have been sharing my experience with the children.

Here are some of the highlights that they found interesting.

This was an example of electricity usage in Kathmandu.
Public cremation is very much a way of life in this Hindu and Buddhist area.
My first sight of Everest – it’s the point just to the right of the fluffy cloud.
All along the path were these huge prayer rocks. Their mantra, similar to our Lords Prayer, is carved and painted onto the rock.
We stayed in Tea Houses in villages along the way. EVERY piece of building material is carried up the mountain by man or beast. This is a larger settlement called Namche Bazaar. It had shops, ATMs and an Irish Bar!
This is just one of the many ‘tough guys’ carrying resources up the mountain on their heads.
Knowing everything is carried by hand you can imagine what I thought when I saw a slate bed snooker table at 4,000 m.
My wife and I on one of the many rope bridges we had to cross.
The beautiful monastery at Tenbouche
Beautiful mountain scenes – we had fantastic weather every day.
A stunning scene.
Finally, Everest Base Camp in the distance. The last push was just       3 km from Gorak Shep, it took us 4 hours to get there – and we still had to get back before dark!
Prayer flags at EBC.
I took the school house ties with me and added them to the monument. A lit of bit of Kelvedon sits on top of the world.
Cold and exhausted I made it to EBC despite dreadful altitude sickness.