See you all back very soon!

During the time we are away from school, to help us to get back here sooner,

use our 6Rs to support yourself:



Wash your hands and do the things the government is telling you.

Behave and make smart choices to help your parents and families.

Help your brothers and sisters to make smart choices.

Keep your bedroom tidy and help around the house.


Invent lots of new games.

Make things.

Solve problems — like what other things could I use if I have no toilet paper?

Be creative with things I have like cereal boxes.


Keep going and never give up.

Pass on a smile to an adult (it will help them to feel better).

Know we will be back together very soon.


People you know may become unwell, but most of them will get better.

This is part of life — do what you are told to protect yourself.


When we are back together, share the ways you made it happen quicker.


In this case, DON’T take risks other than in how you learn things.

Our reliable flag monitors are ready to raise the Union Flag to show it is Friday (dress down charity day today) and that learning is happening as usual at Kelvedon


                   Up she goes!
        We are ready for anything!