Monday the 6th of July

Monday the 29th of June


Another Week of Fun Learning

Phonics This week the children have been learning the sound and action for 2 more letters. t – Turn your head from side to side as if watching tennis and…

Monday the 22nd of June


Our Focus Sessions

This week Miss Clouting returned to the Nursery. It was lovely to see her again. The children made her a banner to welcome her back. Our Focus Sessions Each day…


Learning from home roundup

Thank you for all the wonderful work you have been sending in over the last week. It has been a great pleasure to find out what you have been up…


Planting Seeds and Listening to Sounds

Planting Seeds This week we have been busy planting basil, peas and apple pips in containers in the Nursery garden. Then we gave the seeds plenty of water. Listening to…


Learning from home – Sorting

Morning Nursey. Today’s activity is a sorting activity. Below are some examples of things you could sort. This type of activities is great for developing pattern recognition (why do the…


Learning from home – Symmetrical patterns

Good morning. Today I would like you to spend time looking around you for reflected patterns. This could be at home or outside. Look carefully at the patterns. Are they…


Learning from home – Incy Wincy Spider

Morning Nursery. Today‚Äôs tasks involves the rhyme Incy Wincy spider (a video can of the rhyme can be found here) and is a 2 player game. You will need a…

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