Changes over time

Over the last ten days we have been looking at seven food/liquid items to watch for any changes happening. Here are our results and comments:

Day 1 the food was lovely, smelt nice, looked nice and all the children agreed that they would eat them

Day 2 yuk the strawberries turned brown and furry.  It was agreed that they wouldn’t eat them and that they were the first item to go funny.

Day 4 the strawberries were now watery,  brown, mouldy and smelt yucky.

Day 7  the milk was smelly and has got lumps in it and some water.

Day 9 and 10 all the items had either turned mouldy and the children said they could not eat them.

The children commented that if they had been kept in the fridge they would not have gone off and therefore we discussed dates and that the fridge will slow the process down but the items would eventually rot.