Some ideas….

Here are some simple ideas for you to do at home with your child.

In Nursery, the children have been learning about seasons, minibeasts, growing and much more so you could collect leaves, sticks and stones when you go out for a walk and see if you can make a picture with them like Andrew Goldsworthy.

Andy Goldsworthy for Kids - a fun Autumn projects for kids

Collect items of the same colour from around your home, ask questions such as show me the yellow ones, how many blue things, are there less yellow things than blue things etc?

Look for letters in newspapers etc and cut them out to make their name like I have. You can simplify this by just searching for the first letter of their name.

I am sure you will have some recycling materials which the children can use to make models, minibeasts spring to mind or models of animals to fit in with the Kelvedon Safari which is going on in the village.

Playdoh lends itself to many creative opportunities for the children. The simple recipe is below:

1 mug flour

1/2 mug salt

1 sachet cream of tartare

little drop of oil

food colouring

1 mug hot water

I hope this has given you some fun things to do with your child and I will continue to think of more ideas.

Most importantly talk to your child, count with them engage with them in their play and encourage them to notice things around them. Have fun and keep safe!

Miss Clouting