Another Week of Fun Learning


This week the children have been learning the sound and action for 2 more letters.

t – Turn your head from side to side as if watching tennis and say t, t, t

To practise, the children had to find an object beginning with the ‘t’ sound amongst a selection of items on the carpet and put it in a bowl to make Silly Soup. If the item did not begin with a ‘t’ sound it could not go in the bowl.

p – Pretend to puff out a candle (your finger) and say p, p, p

To practise this letter sound we played Kim’s Game. The children closed their eyes and an object beginning with the ‘p’ sound was removed from the tray. When the children opened their eyes, they had to guess which object was missing.


The children enjoyed some races in the Nursery garden. In their teams, they took it in turns to throw beanbags into tyres, climb through hoops, balance eggs on spoons, waddle like a penguin and run like a cheetah. Each team won at least one race and great fun was had by all!

Snack Time

We have been discussing the adventures of Peter Rabbit so for snack time we ate some carrots, lettuce and radishes. Afterwards, some of the children chose to paint these salad vegetables.

Now that the children can bring in their own packed lunch please could all the lunch boxes be named on the outside. This makes them so much easier to hand out.

Also, just a reminder, only water should be in their water bottles. Again, please can they be named.

Thank you for all your lovely emails and continued support. We really appreciate it.