Coats, shoes and wellies

As the cold, wet weather is here, we have been learning to put on our coats, do them up and change into our wellies all by ourselves.

We have found ways of putting our coats on and are practising doing zips and buttons up ourselves.

When we go outside, we need to take our shoes off and put our wellies on so we can play in the garden. It would be great if you could provide a pair of wellies for your child that they can keep at school and shoes which are easy to get on and do up i.e. velcro.

We are all getting so independent!

The children are becoming so much more independent using the toilet on their own too. Thank you for all your support and hard work at home. Please could we ask that the clothes that children wear are loose enough for them to take off themselves and pull up. This makes things so much easier for them to deal with going to the toilet themselves.

Thank you for your continued support.