Our Train Ride

This week we have had lots of fun building trains with lots of boxes. We have pretended to be passengers, train drivers, station masters and ticket collectors and thought about where we would like to go on our train.

We pretended to blow a whistle when the train was leaving the station and made announcements when we arrived at the next station such as ‘we are at the zoo/seaside/Macdonalds/kelvedon station.

We got loads of exciting learning from our play by counting the carriages and tickets, thinking about places to go, changing our voices to be different characters, using our imaginations to build, taking turns and asking questions.

The Train Ride: Amazon.co.uk: Crebbin, June, Lambert, Stephen:  9780744547016: Books

This book has a beat like a train moving in the story, so we are learning to clap to the beat when we read it too.

I wonder what our boxes will turn into next week!