Blending sounds into words

Last term in Nursery, we were working on hearing sounds – sounds we can hear around us, sounds we can make with our bodies, instrument sounds and letter sounds.

We often ask the children to put on their c -oa -t or b -oo-t -s. They listen to the sounds and then ‘push’ the sounds together to make the word i.e. coat and boots.

They like playing a game where they have to select the correct object by blending the sounds they hear together. This can be played at home very simply by collecting simple objects such as a dog, pen, peg, jam or pig and such like.

It is important that you are familiar with the sounds the letters make so I have included a link to a website for parents to watch before you play the game. synthetic-phonics/

It is easier for the children if simple objects with very short names such as cat, dog, hen, pig, pen, peg, jam, book, rug, mug, bed, coat, hat, duck, pot, cup man etc are used as these only have 3 sounds but once the children are confident, we extend this to objects with 4 sounds in their name such as s-p-oo-n, br-u-sh, p-ai-n-t, d-r-e-ss etc

An adult says the sounds in the word and the child has to select the correct object from the group.

Have fun!