Signs of Spring

Today, we are going to think about things growing. I know that lots of you have been planting bulbs in your garden so I have been out in my garden to see if I could spot plants beginning to pop up through the soil.

This is the first sign of Spring, the time of year when plants begin to grow, baby animals are born and days become longer and warmer.

Can you find any signs of Spring when you are out and about? I wonder what you will find.

Spotting the first signs of spring

I also thought that I would try to grow something of my own on my kitchen windowsill. I cut the tops off some vegetables – a swede, a parsnip and some carrots. I put the vegetable tops in a little bowl, added some water and put the dish on the windowsill where it will get a lot of light.

What do you think will happen? I’m hoping that some leaves will grow but we will have to wait for a few days to see!

I also found some celery in my fridge so I have put it in a glass of water with some red food colouring to see if anything happens to that.

Maybe you would like to try some of these experiments at home. I’d love to see what you find out!