Story time

One of my favourite times of the day in Nursery is story time. I have found a selection of books at home to look at. I am going to give you some ideas for you to try when you are sharing a book with an adult at home.

Have a look at the front cover, that will give you a clue what the book is about.

Use some story language i.e.once upon a time….

Talk about the characters in the book. What are their names? What do they look like? How do they feel?

Are there any rhyming words in the story? Can you hear them?

Talk about what is happening in the pictures. What are the characters doing?

How does the story end? Is it a happy ending or a sad ending? Don’t forget the sign we use in Nursery when we come to the end of a story!

I would love to know which books you have shared with someone at home!