Find a little seed

Today I had an avocado for my lunch and when I cut it open, I found a big seed inside!

I decided to try to grow it so here is what I did.

First, I got everything that I needed. I got the seed, a pot, some soil and some water.

Next, I put some soil in the bottom of the pot, put my seed in and covered it up with more soil.

Then I watered it and put the pot on the windowsill so it would get lots of light.

While i was planting the seed I remembered a song so I sang it and thoought you might like to learn it too. Here is a link:

You could find a seed and plant it too. Maybe you have an avocado at home, or an orange or an apple which have seeds in them.

I’m excited to see what you have planted. Don’t forget to water your seeds!

Here is a story about an avocado which you can listen to also, it is one of my favourites!