Footprints in the snow

I went out in the snow today and noticed that my wellies had left a footprint!

I wondered how big it was so I measured it. I used some duplo bricks.

My footprint measured 4 duplo bricks long.

You could try this with your footprints too. Maybe you could look at a grown up’s footprint next to your own and think about whose is biggest or smallest. Why not look at several of your family’s footprints and compare them?

Image result for 1 adult 2 childrens footprints in the snow

Remember, if you are going to measure the prints, you must use the same things to measure each one. I wonder what you will use?

Image result for bird prints in snow
Can you guess what made these prints?
Image result for cat paw prints in snow

Have a look in the snow for some animal prints.

This story is about a little boy who wakes up one morning and finds it has been snowing. He makes tracks in the snow with his feet too.

I hope you enjoy watching it!

Have fun in the snow while it lasts!