Bikes and scooters


We can ride the bikes and scooters on Wednesdays and Fridays. We have learned a Days of the Week song which helps us decide which day is which and when it is a ‘Bikes and Scooters Day’.

We have learned to recognise our names and tick them off on the list when it our turn to have a go.

We are getting really speedy on the scooters and have got very good at balancing and using our leg muscles to move us along.

We have several bikes in Nursery which have been kindly donated by parents and we love to ride them on the big playground.

Several of us have even learned to ride a bike without stabilisers! We have had to keep on trying and not give up if we fall off.

If anyone has any bikes or scooters that they no longer need we would be very grateful to use them in Nursery. Thank you.