Kelvedon and Feering Trail

Good Afternoon,

Two weeks ago, one of the mums in the village set up a safari trail where children and their families put out different animals (some were cuddly toys, some home made models, some pictures etc) in front of their houses. They also included quizzes or facts about their animal. We generated a map so that children were then able to go round the two villages and spot the different creatures. It was a huge success. Lots of learning took place. Last week, our theme was space. This week, the topic is “Around the world”. This would be a great opportunity for children in the two villages to learn about another countries and also create their own project to share with others. Displays will be put out on this Friday 24th and children can follow the map to see other creations from Friday to Sunday. We have found this is a great way to keep our children learning and connected at a very strange time. Obviously social distancing needs to be practised at all times – do not touch the displays and keep 2m from other families. If families would like to be involved, please could they email me at with their address and the country they will be displaying. We do not put the full address on the map, this is just so we can get the right location.

Many thanks for your support, let’s keep Kelvedon learning!
Tracey Peters