Monkey Maths!! Task One (An Additional Resource)

Here is an extra resource to help you develop your fluency and quick responses to number sentences.

Monkey Maths is a short task designed to further develop the skills that you may already have. The key to these cards are to reinforce your knowledge by being able to recall the answers in a quicker time.

There will be a number of cards posted on the blog each week, all of them increasing in difficulty with the aim of focusing on a range of different mathematical skills. You could do these on your own, with a brother or sister or with the adult who is looking after you.

Print them off and collect them in order create your very own deck of Monkey Maths cards! However, if you do not have a printer you can still access the cards online and work with them from the blog. Alternatively, why don’t you be resourceful and have a go at making your own Monkey Maths cards based on the post? Remember there are no ceilings to your learning. See how far you can challenge yourself!

Additional resources that you may find helpful to use alongside these cards:

– An extra piece of paper and a pencil or a whiteboard and pen if you have one -Your banana pointer (in the word document attached)

Todays cards focus on being able to recognise numbers as words. Using the banana arrow, point at one word at a time. Can you read and recognise the word and then write the corresponding number on a piece of paper? Go through all the words. You could do them in order first, but then why not try doing them in a different order? See how quickly you can read and write the number that your banana arrow is pointing to. Then the next stage will be to see if you can spell the numbers as words.

To challenge yourself further, the blank template is attached for you to create additional cards. Have fun monkeying around!

The Year One Team