The New Nightingale Hospital needs your pictures!

As the new Nightingale Hospital opens today they have asked if children can decorate the walls of the wellbeing area, where the doctors, nurses and hospital staff go for a well-deserved break throughout their busy day!

The television programme, This Morning, on itv, have set up a system which will allow children to draw their own pictures of doctors and nurses at work and subsequently send them into this morning, who will send them onto The Nightingale Hospital.

Please see the details below.

This sounds like a lovely idea and certainly an inspirational activity for your children to be a part of!

As stated above, they would like the pictures sent in digitally by Midday on Friday 10th April. I am sure you will appreciate that they do not want any pictures sent in the post.

It would be great to see the pictures that you produce.

Have fun!

Year One Team