Year 1 Learning Opportunities – Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 1!

Here is a list of the learning opportunities for today.

We hope you have a fantastic Friday and a lovely Easter holiday.

If you are stuck for ideas for the kids during the break time, you can complete any tasks that may have been missed or revisit tasks that they particularly enjoyed to embed their understanding further. The children can also continue to read, play phonic games, maths games and do the exercise routines using the links previously provided,

For Easter crafts, Pinterest has some great ideas:

Our next blog will be on Monday 20th April.

Stay safe, stay healthy and have a very happy Easter!

Kind Regards,

The Year 1 Team!

English: Lucky Dip Adverbs:

Write different adverbs on pieces of paper and put in a box covered with shredded (scrap) paper. Pick an adverb out of a box and act out (slowly walked, quickly jumped, happily bounced, sadly sat down, etc. The other person has to try and guess the adverb that they are acting out. Take turns to play.

Maths: Create an emergency services vehicle out of shapes- Label the different shapes you’ve used (Parents will need to cut some templates out on scrap card for the children to draw around). The shapes could be circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, pentagon, hexagon and octagon). Other things could be added to the picture such as a house, a tree, flowers, animals, etc, using as many different shapes as possible.

Other: Make an Easter Wreath using the pictures below for inspiration.



This weeks focus: wh ‘wh’ always comes at the start of the word (what, when), ph (dolphin, alphabet, elephant), ew ew always comes at the end (threw, grew, chew).

Phonics Bloom:

Phonics Play (free resources):

Letters and Sounds free Resources:

Any online game must be checked first by an adult and closely monitored,

READING: Please continue to regularly listen to your child read.

It also benefits children to hear adults read to them and discuss the story.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: it is very important that the children get daily exercise. As well as having fun in the garden (throwing and catching, running, bouncing on a trampoline, etc) , some other fun routines for the children to follow are:

  1. Wake Up, Shake Up Lazytown
  2. Cosmic Kids Yoga.
  3. Joe Wicks Daily PE lessons.

These can be typed into a search engine by an adult who will then need to monitor them.

Have fun!