Monkey Maths- Week 4 Challenge! (Additional Resource)

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This weeks cards, focus on developing your quick responses to doubling and halving.

Set 1 – 

Can you double each of these numbers?

Challenge 1 – Go through the number sentences in numerical order and then try going through them in a random order to increase your fluency.

Challenge 2 – Try working with higher numbers, see how far you can challenge yourself.

Set 2 – 

Can you split these numbers in half? Remember that a half means that both parts are equal. Don’t forget how we write a half as a fraction! 

Challenge 1 – First, draw the dots into two circles to help you work out what half of each number would be. For example:

Challenge 2– See if you can improve your quick recall and half the numbers in your head.

The blank template is also attached again for you to create additional cards. Have fun monkeying around! 

Year One Team