Monkey Maths- Week 5 Challenge (Additional Resource)

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This weeks cards, focus on developing your quick responses to division facts.

Card no.8 and no.9-

Can you develop your division skills by dividing by ten and five ?

Challenge 1 – Use your knowledge of the ten and five times table to support you with these division facts.

Challenge 2 – Now start to work them out and become familiar using a method known as ‘inverse operation’. 

What is inverse operation?

The operation that reverses the effect of another operation. 

For example: Addition and subtraction are inverse operations.
Start with 7, then add 3 we get 10, now subtract 3 and we get back to 7.

Another Example: Multiplication and division are inverse operations.
Start with 6, multiply by 2 we get 12, now divide by 2 and we get back to 6

The blank template is also attached again for you to create additional cards. Have fun monkeying around! 

Year One Team