Year 1 Learning Opportunities – Friday 22nd May

Good morning Year 1!

Here is a list of the learning opportunities for today. We hope that you have enjoyed the blog activities this week!

Have a fantastic Friday and a lovely half term holiday.

If you are stuck for ideas for the kids during the break, you can complete any tasks that may have been missed or revisit tasks that they particularly enjoyed to embed their understanding further. The children can also continue to read, play phonic games and do the exercise routines using the links previously provided,

Kind Regards,

The Year 1 Team!

English: Phase 4 and 5 Tricky Words Snowman

  1. This game can be played with 2 or more players.
  2. Player 1 writes the letters of the alphabet on their piece of paper.
  3. Then they choose a word (from the phase 4 or phase 5 tricky word list) without telling their opponents what that word is. Instead of writing the word, write down a dash for each letter in the word, for example, if the word was “out” there would be three dashes – – -.
  4. Other players take turns in guessing the letters in the word.
  5. When a letter is guessed, Player 1 crosses the letter off the alphabet line to show that letter has been chosen. If the letter IS in the word, player 1 is to write that letter on the dash in the word. If it is NOT in the word, a body part of the snowman is drawn (see snowman picture below).
  6. If the word is guessed before all the body parts are drawn, the opponent wins. If the body parts are filled in before the word is guessed, player 1 wins.
  7. Repeat with new words.

Maths: Counting Catch – Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s by throwing a ball to each other. The person with the ball to say the next number in the sequence.

Challenge: Try counting on from numbers other than 0.

Other: Bird Watching!

Australia is home to over 850 species of birds. Twitchers (birdwatchers) fly south from all over the world to tick off birds on their bird spotting lists. Australia is particularly famous for their noisy, colourful parrots!

Today, you are going to go closer to home, your own back garden. To celebrate the RSPB’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch, the BBC made a list of some of the most common garden birds. Follow the link (with an adult) to find out about some of the common garden birds that you might spot:

Activities: (These can be ongoing during the half term holiday)

  1. When you are looking out of the window or are outside, what birds do you see?
  2. Write the names down of the different birds that you see and write a tally of how many times you see them in your garden through the day/week (See attached file for inspiration).
  3. What type of bird visits your garden the most in a day? …in a week?
  4. Follow the link below to listen to some different bird songs… Try listening to the different bird songs next time you go on a walk.

PHONICS: Please see the attached PDF for this week’s daily phonic sessions and support structure.  This is to guide parents when supporting their child with phonics and will be most effective if it is done every day.

Phase 5: ph, ie, alternative pronunciation for ‘ou’ and ‘o’

Useful phonics websites: (An adult must always check these)                                                     

READING: Oxford Reading Owl has a fantastic selection of Oxford Reading books for the children to read at their level.

  1. Follow the link:
  2. Click on ‘Browse E-books’
  3. Click on ‘free e-book library’. 
  4. Choose a book

As well as listening to the children read, it also benefits them to hear adults read and discuss the story.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: As well as having fun in the garden for daily exercise, some other fun routines for the children to follow are:

  1. Wake Up, Shake Up Lazytown
  2. Cosmic Kids Yoga.
  3. Joe Wicks Daily PE lessons.
  4. Andy’s Wild Workouts
  5. GoNoodle (YouTube videos)

These can be typed into a search engine by an adult who will then need to check them.

Have fun!