1C Phonics- Week Commencing 16th November

We are currently focusing on Phase 3 phonics within the Government Letters and Sounds programme. If you would like to read into this further, I have added the government document for Letters and Sounds below.

This weeks sounds:

Sound/ FocusExplanation
oioi as in coin,spoil, toilet,
erRecognising that the sound that ‘er‘ makes can also by made through other digraph spellings such as or (worm), ir (dirt), ur (surf).
The main focus is on the spelling ‘er’ as in footballer, sister, jumper.
earear as in near,fear,tear.
Tricky wordsThese are words that cannot be sounded out. Have a look at the ‘Terrific Tricky Words’ blog for different ways to practice tricky words. Please see the tricky word attachment below, for the list of words.

Useful websites to support your child with their phonics: (Please supervise your child whilst using these websites to support their online safety)




If you have any questions please do not hesistate to contact me.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Catchpole