1C Phonics- Week Commencing 2nd November.

To support your child with their learning at home, I will be putting up the weekly phonics sounds that we are covering in class. The aim is for these to be reinforced at home, whether this might be through spotting the sounds when reading, making alien words (fake words) that contain these sounds or discussing and thinking of real words from everyday life, with these sounds in.

We are currently focusing on Phase 3 phonics within the Government Letters and Sounds programme. If you would like to read into this further, I have added the government document for Letters and Sounds below.

This weeks sounds:

Sound/ FocusExplanation
ooIdentifying that this can make both a long and a short sound. e.g. cook has a short oo. Whereas, spoon has a long oo sound.
oaoa as in boat, coat and float.
Tricky wordsThese are words that cannot be sounded out. For examples, please see the attachment below.

Useful websites to support your child with their phonics: (Please supervise your child whilst using these websites to support their online safety)




If you have any questions please do not hesistate to contact me.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Catchpole