1M Phonics Home Learning Support – W/C 23rd November

We are currently focusing on Phase 3 phonics within the Government Letters and Sounds programme. Attached is a simplified version of the Phase 3 teaching sequence, phase 2, 3 and 4 sound mats as well as tricky word lists to cover all of the phonic teaching across the phases.

This week’s focus is:

Sound FocusExplanation


ur (revisit)
‘ear’ as in year, near, tear, beard

‘air’ as in air, fair, hair, pair

‘ur’ as in turn, hurt, surf
Phase 3 Tricky words  These are words that cannot be sounded out. Please see attached tricky word PDF

Useful websites to support your child with their phonics:

(To support the children’s online safety, please monitor whilst being used)




Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Baker and Mr Ladlow