It’s Show Time!

To coincide with this terms topic of ‘Lets Perform’, we have been getting crafty!

In 1C, we have been putting our top hats on and getting our dancing shoes out. We have been looking at the different parts of performing, as well as creating our own masks, whereby some of which became fantastic audience members for the 1C show. We even made our own characters to perform on the stage, can you spot any familiar faces on the stage below!

In 1M, we decided to link our ‘Let’s Perform’ topic by making a firework display using marbles and paint. As you can see, by dipping a marble into paint and tipping it from side to side in a tray, it creates a beautiful array of light against a dark background. The children had a fantastic time making these pictures putting their upmost effort into it! Take a look and prepare to be amazed!