Online Home Learning- Monday 30th November


This weeks focus for your learning, is shadows. All of the learning that we will be blogging this week will focus on this theme. Get ready to put your science hats on, as you become shadow experts!

Here is an example of how a group of people have beautifully recreated the story of the Polar Express using their bodies to create shadows!

Parent/Guardians please oversee your child when watching these videos for e-safety purposes.


Watch this video of Miss Catchpole telling the story of Peter Pan, look out for his sneaky shadow!


Take a look at the slides attached and have a go at the suggested tasks. These slides are inspired by our daily Maths tasks, which year one partake in each day at school. They focus on the core skills needed to build the foundations within Year One Maths learning.


To start of this weeks shadow focus, we would like you to experiment with creating shadow using objects. Take a look at the video below to start off your thinking.

Parent/Guardians please oversee your child when watching these videos for e-safety purposes.

We would like you create your very own shadow pictures using a torch and objects that you have at home.

Once you’ve created a shadow, draw around the outline of the shadow. Take a look at Miss Catchpole having a go at home!

Think about:

-What happens when the torch gets closer or further away from the object?

-Can light bend around your object?

-Do all objects create shadows?

-Try changing the direction of the torch light to see what happens.

-Which light source creates shadows in our everyday outside environment?

-Based on the video above, can you think of how shadows where used for a particular purpose, many years ago?


Read the descriptions in the attachment below and see if you can draw a picture of what is being described. Make sure you use your phonics knowledge to sound out any unfamiliar words.

Try drawing the picture yourself on a blank piece of paper. Alternatively, we have attached a basic outline of a person, in case you wish to use this as a starting point.

Challenge– Try writing your own description and see if someone at home can draw a picture based on what you have written. Email your descriptions in to us and we will have a go at drawing a picture based on your descriptions as well!

Keeping smiling and happy learning!

Don’t forget to share your work with us via the year one email.

Year One Team