Online Home Learning-Thursday 26th November

Good evening Year One, take a look at the learning we have planned for you to complete tomorrow (26.10.20).

Parents/Guardians if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact via the year one email.

We look forward to seeing your amazing pieces of work!


Story time– Listen to Miss Baker reading the story of Starlight wishes.

Then (Children) choose a story book of your own to read aloud to your parent/guardian.

Reading skills to remember:

-Use expression in your voice when you see speech marks. –Try reading in different voices for the book characters, depending on what type of character that they are. For example, a quiet squeaky voice for a shy mouse or, a loud, confident voice for a scary dragon. -Use your facial expressions throughout, to create more of a performance out of the story reading. -Sound out and then blend any unfamiliar words, using your phonics knowledge. -Try asking your audience some questions after you’ve read the story to see remember what happened. -Once you’ve read through the book, choose a digraph or trigraph from the phase 3 sound mat and go on a sound hunt throughout the story. How many words can you find with that sound in?


Take a look at the slides attached and have a go at the suggested tasks. These slides are inspired by our daily Maths tasks, which year one partake in each day at school. They focus on the core skills needed to build the foundations within Year One Maths learning.

Design and Technology

Following on from our nativity practice this week, using the resources you have at home, make a crown for the wise men. Be creative and use different textures, materials and art mediums. For example, card,felt, tissue paper, pens, pencils, paint, sticker.

Here are some ideas for some inspiration:


Recapping the sounds:

-‘ur’ as in burger, church, turnip

-‘ear’ as in year, near, tear, beard

Can you think and then write down as many words as possible that contain the sounds ‘ur‘ and ‘ear’. Also write down some alien words that you can make from these sounds.

Once you have written down as many as you possibly think of, sound them out and blend to your parent/guardian. See if they an spot which words are real and which words are alien. Using the Obb (alien words) and the Bob (real words) attachment below, sort the words accordingly.

Keeping smiling and happy learning!

Don’t forget to share your work with us via the year one email.

Year One Team