Online Home Learning – Tuesday 1st December

Good morning Year 1. We hope that you are all happy and well and we hope you are having a fantastic time at home. It has been lovely to see your photos. There is only one more week left before we see your lovely faces at school. Here are your home learning tasks for today:


Watch the animated story retelling of Peter Pan. Think about and talk about the different characters that were in the story.

Words used to describe something (nouns) are called adjectives. Write sentences using describing words (adjectives) to describe characters from the Peter Pan story.

Remember to use:

  • Capital letter at the start of your sentence.
  • Finger spaces to separate each word,
  • End punctuation, for example, a full stop.
  • Try your best with writing your letters correctly

Peter Pan has a green hat, pointy shoes and brown hair.

Wendy has a blue dress and long hair.


Try joining sentences using the ‘and’ conjunction:

Peter Pan has pointy shoes and he has a green hat.

Maths/Fine Motor-

Create repeated patterns using objects (e.g. buttons, smarties, Lego pieces or cut out your own coloured circles) along different shaped lines. Have a look at the pictures below for some ideas.

Phonics: – Disco phonics revising the ‘ar’ digraph

Follow the link below to dance and sing along to the Pirates Say ‘AR’ song for kids.

Challenge: How many ‘ar’ words are in the song?

Keep smiling and happy learning!

Don’t forget to share your work with us via the year one email.

Year One Team