Online Home Learning- Friday 4th December

Literacy- Speaking and Listening

Today’s task is the final event in this weeks shadow theme! It’s time to perform your shadow puppet show. Use the resources that you’ve used this week to put on a performance extravaganza. Have fun, put on different voices and entertain your audience at home.

Have a look at this video for inspiration:

Send in some videos of your puppet show, we’d love to see them!


Take a look at the slides attached and have a go at the suggested tasks. These slides are inspired by our daily Maths tasks, which year one partake in each day at school. They focus on the core skills needed to build the foundations within Year One Maths learning.


Watch and follow this video of Mr Ladlow, who will go through todays PE lesson. Remember to stay active as much as you can!

Warm Up

Main Task

Cool Down


Tricky Word Splat!

You will need someone to call out the tricky words (choose from the ones on your score sheet) and your job is to splat them as quick as possible. See how many splat points you can get in 1 minute, then why not try 30 seconds. Try and beat your best score! Please note, that the person calling out the words may say the same word more than once, so watch out!

Have a go at making your own tricky word splat game at home, by choosing a selection of tricky words for your game. Alternatively, you can use Miss Catchpole’s tricky word splat game and score sheet that is attached below. You may want to go through the tricky words on the splat sheet before you start, to make sure you know what they all say and so that can become familiar with the board layout.

Challenge- Try adding even more tricky words to the splat sheet and see how many you can get in your chosen time.

Here is a link to a 1 minute and a 30 second timer, should you wish to use them.

Take a look at the teacher’s attempts! Can you beat their scores!

Keeping smiling and happy learning!

Don’t forget to share your work with us via the year one email.

Have a magical weekend!

Year One Team