Online Home Learning – Thursday 3rd December

Hello Year One. We hope that you have enjoyed the learning so far this week. We have another fun packed day ahead for you. Have fun!

Maths: Repeated Patterns

Spot the mistake repeated patterns.

  1. In pairs, each draw or make a repeated pattern with a mistake.
  2. Can your partner find the mistake and continue the pattern?

English/DT (Design Technology):

  1. Make the shadow stick puppets based on the characters from your favourite story you read yesterday. Have a look at the pictures below for ideas.

Top Tips:

  • Remember only to draw the outline of the characters on cardboard, as the detail will not be seen.
  • Stick the cut out card outlines onto the top of a stick or straw.

2. Practise telling the story using the shadow puppets ready for your performance tomorrow.

Phonics: ‘ow’ memory game

Ask an adult to write 2 sets of ‘ow’ words on squares of paper or card using the words below to help.

Put the cards on the table, face down (so you can’t see the words)

How to play:

  1. Players take it in turn to pick two cards of their choosing.
  2. If the cards have the same word, the player keeps the pair and plays again.
  3. If the cards have different words, the cards are returned to their facedown position and it is the next person’s turn. 
  4. Play until all the cards have been matched.
  5. The player with the most cards, wins the game!

Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Follow the link below to go on a cosmic kids adventure with Pedro the Penguin.

Have a lovely day!

Don’t forget to share your work with us via the year one email.

Year One Team