Online Home Learning – Wednesday 2nd December


Take a look at the slides attached and have a go at the suggested tasks. These slides are inspired by our daily Maths tasks, which year one partake in each day at school. They focus on the core skills needed to build the foundations within Year One Maths learning.


Watch the 2 Stubborn Pirates story video above this blog post on the Year 1 Blog Page.

The Two Stubborn Pirates (Picture Storybooks): That, Imagine,  Graham, Oakley, Scott, Kimberley: 9781782441588: Books

By the end of the week, you will be performing a shadow puppet show to your family based on your favourite story at home.

  1. Choose one of your favourite stories at home that you would like to make shadow puppets from.
  2. Read your chosen story aloud or listen to a grown up read it to you.
  3. Together, make a list of the characters.
  4. Talk about what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

DT (Design Technology):

  1. Watch the short clip below to show you how to make the shadow puppet theatre.
  2. Make the screen and scenery/background for your puppet theatre

Top Tip: Empty cereal boxes will create a good theatre.


  1. Sing and dance along to the alphabet song. Follow the link below.

2. ‘er’ word hunt

  • Ask an adult to write a mixture of real and nonsense ‘er’ words.
  • The adult hides the ‘er’ words around the house or garden (or both)
  • Find the words, read them and decide if they are real or nonsense words

Have a lovely day.

Remember to keep smiling and have lots of fun!

Don’t forget to share your work with us via the year one email.

Year One Team