Monday 18th January- Year 1 Home Learning

Good Morning Year 1! We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and we can’t wait to see you all for another catch up on Google Meets this morning.

Don’t forget to bring something that shows us what you’ve been doing over the weekend.

Just a reminder that 1M are at 9:30am and 1C are at 10am, using the same link that you would have used last week.

Your learning for today is as follows:


Castle Challenge 1: History/ English

Today, you are going to learn about the different jobs of those people that worked within the Castles, during the Medieval times. Some of the jobs were certainly nicer that others! Take a look at the file below, with an adult, to see what the different jobs involved.

We would like you to create poster full of fun facts about the different jobs people had in the castles. Produce a funky title, draw pictures of the different people undertaking their jobs and also be sure to write some interesting, but funny facts on there!

Castle Challenge 2: Flying Saucer Phonics

Your job is to throw your flying saucers over an object, for my example, we used the objects, animals and cones. Write down a variety of digraphs (shown in the list below) under your objects.

Your flying saucers need to have sounds written on them, leaving a gap to add a digraph or trigraph as you play the game. For example, ch__k , for a gap in the middle, or ri__ ,for a gap at the end. We used paper plates and cut out the centre of them to make a hoop shape, however you could make these out of paper or even better if you have any hoops shaped objects at home.

Once you have landed on an object (with a sound attached), you’ll need to insert that particular sound to the missing gap, that you have written on your flying saucer. Next, blend them together and read the word that it creates.

Have a look at the pictures below to show you an example of how it works.

E.g. If I threw the flying saucer with z__b written on it, over the ‘ee’ cone, I would have to blend and read the word ‘zeeb’.

Top tip- It does not matter if the words are alien words, as this still working on both your child’s ability to decode and blend sounds.

Here are a list of digraphs and trigraphs for you to choose from:

  • sh
  • ch
  • ck
  • oi
  • ar
  • ee
  • th
  • oo (long)
  • oo (short)
  • igh
  • oa
  • ur
  • ow
  • or
  • ear
  • air
  • ure
  • er

Have fun!

Castle Challenge 3: Reading

Where is the craziest place you can read?

This week, your challenge to find crazy places to read a book. Check with an adult first, that it is safe to read in your chosen place. Then, send a picture to the year one email, to show us where you have been reading. We can then add these to our photo gallery at the end of the week, so that you can see all of the crazy places that your friends have been reading in. Get creative and have fun!

Now its your turn so get creative and have fun reading!

For further learning ideas whilst working at home, please have a look at the link below.

Time for a laugh with a cracking castle joke!

Q: Why are dragons good storytellers?
A: They all have tails!

Have a fantastic day!

The Year 1 Team