Tuesday 19th January- Year 1 Home Learning

Good Morning Year One, it was lovely to see so many of your smiling faces once again on our google meets session yesterday. It was interesting to see all of the different items that you bought along, to sum up your weekend!

Take a look at your Castle Challenges for today! I hope you’re all feeling strong and mighty to tackle these challenges.


Castle Challenge 1: English- Grammar

Look back at the fun facts that you learnt yesterday, about the different jobs within the castle. Your challenge is to make your facts even better by adding in the conjunctions ‘and’ as well as ‘because’ within your fun facts, in order to add more information and to join two sentences together.

How and why do we use ‘and’ in a sentence? 

We use the word ‘and’ to join two sentences together. 

For example-

There is a blue bird in the garden. The bird is eating seeds. 

Turns into…

There is a blue bird in the garden and it is eating seeds.

How and why do we use ‘because’ in a sentence? 

We use because to connect two parts of a sentence, in order to explain how or why something is the case.

For example

He went to the shops. He needed some milk. 

Turns into…

He went to the shops because he needed some milk.

Take a look at Miss Catchpole’s lessons below, based on how you can up level your writing, by using these conjunctions.

Castle Challenge 2: Maths

Number formation- Today we are going to go right back to the foundations of our mathematical work and really focus on ensuring that our numbers are formed correctly.

To practise writing numbers, you can use a multitude of resources. For example you can create numbers out of:

  • play-dough
  • pasta arrangements
  • lego
  • shaving foam
  • sand
  • bead patterns

Take a look at the video below, to see a different way to practise learning writing your numbers, which involves using your hands!

Practise writing your numbers and see how high you can go!

Super challenge-

Print off the 100 number square below. Get an adult or sibling to say numbers to you and you have to find them as quick as possible. How many can you find correctly in a minute?

100 square and number line | Teaching Resources

Alternatively, using the same skills, play the game ‘Helicopter Rescue’. Click on the tab marked ‘Find a Number’ and see how many people you can rescue with your helicopter, by finding the correct number.


Castle Challenge 3: Reading

Where is the craziest place you can read? 

So today is day two of your challenge to find crazy places to read a book. We have received some fantastic pictures of the weird and wonderful places that the children in Year One are reading.

Let’s try something new and make our reading time a little bit different!

Don’t forget to check with an adult first that it is safe to read in your chosen place and then send a picture to the year one email to show us where you have been reading.

For further learning ideas whilst working at home, please have a look at the link below.


Time for a laugh with a cracking castle joke!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Thumping who?
Thumping tells me there’s a dragon on the loose.

Have a fantastic day!

The Year 1 Team