Tuesday 26th January 2021- Year 1 Home Learning

Good morning Year 1!

We would like to remind you that you are all amazing and we are so pleased with your perseverance and how hard you are working at home! You are all doing such a fantastic job – Well done!

Here is your learning for today:

PHONICS: I Went To The Castle Market! (sh, ch, th digraph revision)

How to play:

In pairs (or more) take it in turns to buy things from the castle market.

  1. Player 1 starts by saying: ‘I went to the market and I bought some shoes’

2. The next player will repeat what the previous player said, then add their own item to the list. ‘I went to the market and I bought some shoes and a shark.

3. The next player could then say: ‘I went to the market and I bought some shoes, a shark and some shampoo.

4. Continue the game until a player cannot remember all of the items bought at the market. What is the largest amount of items you can remember?

5. Repeat the game with ‘ch’ and ‘th’ digraph words.

The game can be played at any time during the day, for example, while on a walk or round the dinner table.



Have a look at the activities in the PDF document attached below.

  • Can you work out how much money is in each purse?
  • Can you make amounts of money using different coins?

Super Challenge (optional):

How many different ways can you make 10p, 20p, 50p using different coins?

CASTLE CHALLENGE 2: Create Your Own Shield

Yesterday, you listened to the story The Kiss That Missed.

In the story, the knight held a shield. Can you remember what the picture was on his shield?

On a knights shield, they would have a colourful decoration called a coat of arms. This was part of their outfits. The coats of arms were used so that knights could tell each other apart.

A lot of families had their own coat of arms that would just be for their family..

Let’s pretend you are a Knight and you need to make your own shield with a design that is personal to you and your family.

Think about:

  • How you are going to make your shield.
  • What different materials (card, paint, wrapping paper, tin foil, bottle lids, felt, pom-poms, lolly-sticks) can you use to make it bright and colourful.
  • What coat of arms design will you create that shows what you are like as a person or what you are like as a family.
  • Could you include a key phrase that describes you or your family, for example: ‘Be kind always’, ‘A happy home gives happy faces.’ and ‘We are a team’.

Have a look at the examples below for inspiration:

READING: Oxford Reading Owl has a fantastic selection of Oxford Reading books for the children to read at their level.

  1. Follow the link: https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/.
  2. Click on ‘Browse E-books’
  3. Click on ‘free e-book library’. 
  4. Choose a book
  5. You can be more specific in your book search and type by selecting browse by age or browse by series.

As well as listening to the children read, it also benefits them to hear adults read and discuss the story together.

For further learning ideas whilst working at home, please have a look at the link below.


Time for a laugh with a cracking castle joke!

Q: What’s the easiest way to find a princess?
A: Follow the footprince.

Have a fantastic day!

The Year 1 Team