Tuesday 5th January 2021-Online Home Learning

Good morning Castle Conquerors!

You have a quest to complete whilst at home. Have a look at the blog daily, to see what your journey involves. We will would like you to create a Castle Scrapbook containing all of your learning over the next few weeks! As this is your journey into the Castle Kingdom, see this task as a project, for you to add to on a daily basis. This way, you can record and collect your learning in one place.

Today, your first task is to make a scrapbook!

Be creative and crafty when producing your scrapbook, there are no limits as to what your scrapbook looks like. Here at some ideas:

Castle Challenges

-Write down or talk about what you already know about castles. Can you then build upon these ideas and research some more facts.

-Can you find out how many castles there are in England and name a few of them?

Have a look at this video to get you started:


Whilst at home, we will be recapping the phase 3 sounds that we have learnt in class together.

Today’s sound is ‘ai’.

Here are a list of words for you to create your own treasure hunt around the house. Write out these words on pieces of paper and then ask an adult to hide them around the house. How quickly can you find and read them all?

  • train
  • chain
  • main
  • sail
  • mail
  • snail
  • tail
  • fail
  • aid
  • faint
  • waist
  • paint
  • strain

Challenge- Can you write a sentence containing more than one of these ‘ai’ words?

Here is a link to an ICT game online.


Finally for a bit of fun!- Cracking Castle Jokes

What do you put around a cheese castle?


For further ideas whilst working at home, please have a look at the link below.