Wednesday 20th January- Year 1 Home Learning

Good Morning Year One! Happy Wednesday! We have been very impressed by the amazing amount of work that we have received about our theme this week, ‘Castle Jobs’. You have all been fantastic researchers and your brains must be getting bigger by the minute, with all the facts that you’ve learnt!

Take a look at your learning for today!


Castle Challenge 1: Dr Phonics

Today, you are going to become a doctor and look after your toys. We would like you to choose a few of your toys and look after them by labeling them with bandages. Take a look at the pictures below for inspiration.

You can use plasters or simply use paper and cellotape to attach words to your toys. Can you label and fix each body part?

Super Challenge- Can you make a tricky word hat for your toy? Cheer your toy up and put a smile on its face by making them their own hat.

Castle Challenge 2: History/ English

Court Jesters are the jokers of the pack within the castle!

They often wear brightly coloured clothes, a hat with bells on and their job is to entertain everyone within the castle!

Royalty Free Jester Clip Art, Vector Images & Illustrations | Court Jester  Clipart

Watch this story to find out a bit more about the role of a Court Jester.

Its time for a laugh!

Can you create your own Jesters Joke Book?

Have a look at the previous year one blogs to see the cracking castle jokes that have been added to end of each blog. See if you can come up with your own jokes!

Have fun making your very own Jester Joke Book!

We are looking forward to lots of laughs when you email in your jokes to the year one email!

Castle Challenge 3: Reading

Where is the craziest place you can read? 

Day three of your challenge to find crazy places to read a book. Where are going to read today? Why not take some of your toys with you?

Don’t forget to check with an adult first that it is safe to read in your chosen place and then send a picture to the year one email to show us where you have been reading.

For further learning ideas whilst working at home, please have a look at the link below.

Time for a laugh with a cracking castle joke!

Q: How can you tell how much a dragon weighs?
A: They come with scales!

Have a fantastic day!

The Year 1 Team