Monday 1st March- Year One Home Learning

Good Morning from Mr Ladlow!

Good Morning Year One!

We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. Its our FINAL WEEEKKKKK! Yipeeee!

We are looking forward to seeing you on our Google Meets session, this morning.

This weeks focus, will be on the story of ‘The Queen’s Hat‘, written by Steve Anthony.

Have a listen to the story, read by the author, Steve Anthony, himself!

Royal Duty No.1- English

Imagine you are going to meet the queen.

What questions would you like to ask her?

Write a list of your questions and think about what her answers might be.

Notice the the beautiful hat she is wearing in the picture below.

Queen Elizabeth II meeting guests during a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in London

Royal Duty No.2- Maths


Today, we are going to look at the term ‘Estimation‘. Do you know what it means to estimate something?

Estimating means roughly calculating or judging a number or value. Its like making a reasonable guess. By the word ‘reasonable’ that means you use your prior knowledge to make an accurate guess.

For example, if i was asked to estimate the amount of apple in this picture, I would look at how many roughly i think there are. If I said “100” this wouldn’t be a reasonable guess, as I know that 100 items would look a lot more than the amount of apple I can see below. Whereas, an estimation of “15” would be a more reasonable guess/ estimation.

Take a look at the video below to see more estimation in action.

Your task today is to estimate how many soldiers (Grenadier Guards) you think there roughly are on each of the pages.

Create a table below to record your estimation data.

Images on the pageEstmationActual Amount (If you can count them)
Queen on the giraffe
Soldiers on the train
Big Ben

Royal Duty No.3- Phonics

Using a dice, roll a number and read the corresponding Tricky Word. See how many tricky words you can read and tick off in one game. You can choose a time limit to suit you for this game.

Royal Duty- CHALLENGE (optional)

Can you find out about the role of a Grenadier Guard?

What is their job?

Why do they wear their uniforms?


Oxford Reading Owl has a fantastic selection of Oxford Reading books for the children to read at their level.

  1. Follow the link:
  2. Click on ‘Browse E-books’
  3. Click on ‘free e-book library’. 
  4. Choose a book
  5. You can be more specific in your book search and type by selecting browse by age or browse by series.

As well as listening to the children read, it also benefits them to hear adults read and discuss the story together.


For further learning ideas whilst working at home, please have a look at the link below.

Time for a radiant royal fact!

 Queen Elizabeth became a homeowner at just six years old.

Have a fantastic day!

The Year One Team