Tuesday 9th February- Year 1 Home Learning

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Keep up the fantastic work Year One we are incredibly proud of you all!

Take a look at todays learning and have a magical day!

Castle Challenge One: Art and Design

Make your own WANTED poster!

In the film Shrek, Lord Farquaad is trying to arrest all the enchanted/magical creatures. The soldiers are in the woods searching for them and offering reward money to anyone who helps them.

They put up ‘wanted posters’ in the villages and on trees along the roadside, hoping that people will recognise the creatures and report them to the soldiers.

Today we would like you to make your own wanted poster for any fairy-tale creature you like.

Here is a template for a poster, but feel free to get creative and make your own version.

Top tips for planning your poster:

  • The drawing was needed for people to recognise them, but it would also make them look scary and dangerous.
  • There was usually a description of their crime, so that people would feel angry and want them punished.
  • There may be clues as to where they were last seen, or where they are likely to hide. (For example, a wolf would most likely hide in the woods, whereas Pinocchio might hide in a toy shop)
  • Lastly, the ‘reward money’ was a great incentive for people to want to help the soldiers.

Have fun creating your posters, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Castle Challenge Two: PSHE

“Sometimes, things are more than they appear.”

In the movie Shrek, there are lots of characters who are not what they first appear to be.

For example, Shrek acts like a scary ogre to frighten the villagers away, but Donkey realises that Shrek is actually quite lonely and sad. When he asks Shrek why he doesn’t make friends with the villagers, Shrek answers, “They judge me before they even know me…”

Fiona thinks that she must behave and look like a princess to find happiness, but as she travels to Duloc castle with Shrek and donkey, we see she has more fun behaving like an ogre.

Your challenge is to think about some of your favourite fairy-tales. Imagine how the story could be different if the ‘bad’ character was simply misunderstood.

Here is a new idea for the ‘three little pigs’ story:

One of the three little pigs dropped their pyjamas on the road when
they were leaving home. Mr. Wolf saw this and tried to catch up to
the pigs and give them their pyjamas. He is allergic to straw, so as
soon as he knocked on the first pig’s door he started sneezing and
wheezing. He sneezed so hard he blew the house down!

The pig ran away, so Mr. Wolf followed him to the second pig’s wooden house. But Mr. Wolf was out of breath from running and he started huffing and puffing. He puffed so hard he blew the house down! Both pigs ran away again, so Mr. Wolf followed them to the brick house. He waved the pyjamas but they did not look back.

By the time he got to the third house Mr. Wolf was hot, tired and a
little bit cross. His eyes were red from his allergies and he was
breathing heavily. The pigs would not answer the door! So he decided
to climb on the roof and drop the pyjamas down the chimney. As he
climbed, he slipped and fell down into a big cooking pot. Yee…ow! He
leapt out of the pot and ran to the river to cool down. ‘Those pigs
are so rude!’ he thought.
The end.

See if you can come up with a new way of looking at a well-known story.

You could write it, draw it or act it out to someone in your family.

Castle Challenge Three: Phonics


Use your wanted poster that you’ve made above and get an adult to attach a range of tricky words to your poster. The adult will then need to hide them around the house. Your challenge is to see you can firstly, read the words and then, see if you find that ‘WANTED’ Tricky Word around the house!

Are you a good detective? How many can you find in one day?

Once you’ve found one, get an adult to attach a different word to the poster (try to do it without the detective noticing). Watch out for when a new word arrives and continue the search for the next Tricky Word!

For a bit of fun!

Why not make your very own Gingerbread Man from Shrek?

Click on this link to find a recipe for gingerbread men!


Happy Baking!


For further learning ideas whilst working at home, please have a look at the link below.


Time for a laugh with a cracking castle joke!

Q: What types of dragon stories are knights famous for?
A: Long tales

Have a fun day of learning!

The Year One Team