Thursday 4th March- Year One Home Learning

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Good Morning from Miss Potter!

Happy World Book Day Year One!

Today, is indeed, World Book Day!

Why not dress up as a book character today from the items you have at home?

If you don’t have an outfit, then why don’t you make one?

Happy Reading!

Take a look at Mr Faithful’s World Book Day task ideas, that have been posted on the blog today, all surrounding the wonderful world of books!

Royal Duty No.1- ICT/ Art/ English

Have another look through the story of ‘The Queen’s Hat’ (Monday’s Blog) and see if you can tweak the story a little to make your very own version. For example, The Queens Shoes.

Now, you have two options for recording your story.

Option 1- Create a stopmotion movie of your new story.

Stopmotion is an animation technique in which one frame is captured at a time. In between each shot, the objects in the frame are moved slightly. When the images are then played all together in a video, it gives the impression that the objects are moving on their own.

Have a look at the example below and see if you can recreate your own.

Please note– You do not need to do the whole stop in stopmotion, just choose one section from your story!

Option Two-

Retell your new version of the story through a comic strip format.

For this option, we would like you retell the whole story.

Use the template below, if needed.

Challenge- Add some speech bubbles

or some thought bubbles to your characters throughout the story.

Royal Duty No.2- Maths


Either print off, or open the PDF that has been attached below. Your job is to read the instructions and follow the directions given for each item. Can you name the London landmark that each item visits?

Royal Duty No.3- Phonics

Phase 4 Consonant Blends

Today we are blending f and t to make ‘ft

Here is a list of words with the ‘ft’ blend and another list of familiar consonant blends.

ftnt and nk

Copy both lists onto rough paper (do not differentiate the lists by colour of paper). Cut up into individual words. Randomly scatter the words face up on a zig-zag path across the room. (Or outside – weather permitting).

Your goal is to travel along the path you have made by stepping on the words as you read them out loud. You must use your left foot for all the words with the ‘ft’ blend and your right foot for the other blends.

  • First establish your left and right!
  • Make sure the words are spread out for you to step comfortably and not topple over.
  • If you have (for example) 3 ‘ft’ sounds in a row you will have to hop 3 times on your left foot, until you find a word suitable for your right foot.
  • Have fun on your own, then make a challenge for a family member!
  • Lastly, layout the words in a perfect left/right pattern to march across like a soldier.


Oxford Reading Owl has a fantastic selection of Oxford Reading books for the children to read at their level.

  1. Follow the link:
  2. Click on ‘Browse E-books’
  3. Click on ‘free e-book library’. 
  4. Choose a book
  5. You can be more specific in your book search and type by selecting browse by age or browse by series.

As well as listening to the children read, it also benefits them to hear adults read and discuss the story together.


For further learning ideas whilst working at home, please have a look at the link below.

Time for a radiant royal fact!

Our current Queen, has been served by 14 UK Prime Ministers.

Have a fantastic day!

The Year One Team