Tuesday 2nd March- Year One Home Learning

Good Morning from Miss Catchpole!

Take a look at todays learning:

Royal Duty No.1- Geography

Create your very own travel guide for London!

Take a look at the video below to learn about the different landmarks in London.

You can use the video above, or do your own research on London to help you create your tour guide. When producing your tour guide, you can create it in whichever way you would rather present your work. For example, you could:

  • Record a video of you explaining the different landmarks
  • Draw a map containing pictures of the landmarks
  • Write a small booklet about the different places to visit in London.
  • Take a tour around your house and in the room you might have created a replica of the different landmarks of London.

Choose whichever method suites you best and be creative!

Royal Duty No.2- Music

Rhythm and Pulse

Follow the music lesson with Miss Catchpole to learn about rhythm and pulse.

Part One

Part Two

Royal Duty No.3- Phonics

Phase four consonant blends

Today we are going to look at the consonant blend ‘nk‘.

Look at the grid of words. Your goal is to link all the ‘nk’ words together in a path around the grid. Starting from the word ‘link’ you can move left, right, up and down to the next square with an ‘nk’ blend in it. You cannot move diagonally. Colour in each square as you go, to make a path to the word ‘donkey.’


Try to think about the meaning of the words as you find them. Practise sounding them out loud and saying them in a sentence.

E.g. The ‘Captain of the Guards’ is a higher rank than the soldiers.

You can use the grid above and work on your computer, alternatively the grid is attached below for you to edit or print out.

The following file contains the answers. So once you think you have finished your path and made it to the word ‘donkey‘, check your grid with this answer sheet.


Oxford Reading Owl has a fantastic selection of Oxford Reading books for the children to read at their level.

  1. Follow the link: https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/.
  2. Click on ‘Browse E-books’
  3. Click on ‘free e-book library’. 
  4. Choose a book
  5. You can be more specific in your book search and type by selecting browse by age or browse by series.

As well as listening to the children read, it also benefits them to hear adults read and discuss the story together.


For further learning ideas whilst working at home, please have a look at the link below.


Time for a radiant royal fact!

The Queen has two birthdays.

Have a fantastic day!

The Year One Team