Year One Gruffalo Trail

Year One had a gruffalotastc day out at Thorndon Country Park to link in with their Julia Donaldson topic.

The children (and adults) were in their element being in the great outdoors, looking for the Gruffalo story characters (Mouse, Snake, Owl, Fox and the Gruffalo) as well as learning about woodland animals and trees.

They enjoyed going to squirrel school, slithering like a snake across the woodland floor, making a mouse house, tree trunk balance walking, making a pine cone snake, playing woodland hide and seek (firmly won by Mrs Pitt’s group!) and singing and dancing to the Gruffalo-okey.

At Kelvedon Academy, the staff work very hard to ensure that learning is relevent, fun and engaging and we strongly believe in making lasting happy memories with the children. Year One definitely achieved that on their trip yesterday. It was a great experience for all!

The Year One Team