Twilight evening

On possibly the coldest night of the year, Year 2 returned to school for an evening of activities in the darkness.  The children  completed activities to test their sense of direction, sense of touch, taste, sight and hearing.  The stargazing was extremely popular despite the clouds.  Using glo sticks and a fantastic app on the ipad the children were still able to locate and identify the star system above us, recreating them with the glo sticks.

With or without torches, the children directed each other through a series of coloured ‘gates’ in almost complete darkness.  The opportunity to identify different foods purely through touch was entertaining and messy in some instances; whilst  a cosy storytime, wrapped in blankets, helped the cold evening along.

The evening was rounded up by the campfire with roasted marshmallows squashed between chocolate biscuits and campfire songs.  A light flutter of snow went down a treat!

A super evening was had by all and the children went home happy and excited.  Many thanks to the willing (if not cold) parents and staff who supported this event.


Year 2 team

Photos to follow (internet dependent!)